• We are an avowedly partisan campaign representing the demand for an EU referendum in the Labour Party.
  • We have no corporate view on In or Out. Some of our supporters are pro EU, some are 'Euro-realist', seeking a better deal, but favouring remaining in the EU, and others are pro the UK leaving the EU.
  • While we as a campaign have the support of MPs, councillors, peers, and Labour activists, there are many more who support our calls for an EU referendum while not being signed up to the campaign.
  • We want a simple In/Out question for the referendum, held after the next General Election.
  • We want a Labour Victory in 2015, and firmly believe that an EU referendum is one of the ways this is best achieved.

This is about democracy. This is about respecting the people. Successive generations have not had a say on the European debate. This will fester until a proper open discussion is allowed. If we do not have a real referendum then anger and resentment will grow. We have to be bold and let the people into this conversation

Jon Cruddas MP
Shadow Cabinet member and Labour Party Policy Coordinator

As long as we don't allow ourselves to be caricatured as an anti-referendum party, which we're not – we've absolutely not ruled out a referendum... if we allow ourselves either to be the 'status quo party' on Europe, or the 'anti-referendum party' on Europe, then we've got a problem... I think we would be pretty stupid to allow ourselves to get into either of those positions.

Ed Balls MP
Shadow Chancellor

Who else supports us

Owen Jones

Rosie Cooper MP

Graham Stringer MP

Eoin Clarke

David Drew

Austin Mitchell MP

Grahame Morris MP

John McDonnell MP

Roger Godsiff MP

Ronnie Campbell MP

Kelvin Hopkins MP

Kevin Meagher

Lord Moonie

Natascha Engel MP

Ian Davidson MP

Frank Field MP

and many others

For a Labour victory in 2015,
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